Greenwich Capital Group’s Business Services Investment Banking team has significant expertise providing financial advisory to companies in the business services sector. Capitalizing on the significant growth prospects in business services not only requires a deep understanding of the nature of these companies, but also a working knowledge of the firms that participate in such transactions. GCG’s M&A advisory experience includes the following Business Services industry subsectors:

  • Field and Onsite Services
    • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential
    • Infrastructure, Utility, Telecommunications, Environmental, Engineering, and Vegetation Management
    • Facility, Security, Real Estate, and Landscaping
  • B2B Services
    • Packaging, Fulfillment, Transportation & Logistics, and Material Handling
  • Distribution
    • Commercial & Industrial Products, Building Materials & Construction Supplies, Consumer Products & Household Goods
    • E-commerce & Internet Services
  • Consulting and IT Services
  • Database Management
  • Equipment Rental
  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Human Resources and Staffing Services
  • Marketing Services, including Direct and Digital Marketing
  • Software Products

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