ESOP Services

“GCG's professionals have broad experience and can work with business owners in order to guide them through a transaction, whether that is forming a new ESOP or assisting an existing ESOP with internal or external transactions.” - Brian Hock, Managing Director

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) can be an attractive option for owners to achieve liquidity for their business. In addition to the significant tax advantages available to owners and companies, ESOP-owned companies generally benefit from higher retention of employees, greater productivity and growth. ESOPs can allow business owners to continue operating businesses after a sale and provide tremendous flexibility in structuring to meet the needs of owners.

A Feasibility Analysis will help owners understand:

  • Is it possible?
  • Is an ESOP the best exit strategy for ownership?
  • What is the value that an owner can expect to receive?
  • What is the best ESOP structure for the company?
  • How will the transaction be financed?
  • What are the tax implications?

GCG’s Other Services in association with ESOPs include:

  • Raising capital for a transaction (e.g. senior, mezzanine,
    unitranche, private equity, etc.)
  • Retaining a Trustee, Counsel, Advisors, TPA’s, Independent Directors, and other professionals
  • Coordinating the formation of and selling equity to a new ESOP
  • Selling equity to an existing ESOP
  • Tax-deferred sales (§1042 election)
  • Buy-side (acquisition) advisory to ESOP-owned companies
  • Selling ESOP-owned companies
  • Board of Director Advisory
  • Annual valuations
  • Serving as independent members of a Board of Directors

GCG acts as the quarterback of the ESOP team and guides business owners to a transaction that is custom-tailored to fit their needs. In addition, GCG can assist ESOP Trustees by providing transaction consulting, valuation advisory, strategic options analysis, and other services.