About Greenwich Capital Group

World Class Professionals Focused on Achieving Premium Results

Greenwich Capital Group (“GCG”) was founded by world class financial professionals focused on building an organization centered around one goal: advising clients. With decades of experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation and Financial Consulting, our firm’s core belief is quite simple: the better the individual advisor, the better the outcome for the client.  We know firms don’t advise clients, individuals do. It is the individuals at each professional services firm that truly differentiate the service to their clients, which is why GCG has focused so much attention on hiring the right professionals.

We are entrepreneurs advising entrepreneurial clients

Our firm is comprised of professionals who bet on themselves and prove it daily. We have built our firm around experienced and highly motivated M&A experts who have a vested interest in the success of our clients. We only hire professionals who exhibit that same spirit and drive – those who truly believe in themselves and the mission of our firm. We seek professionals who want to be a part of building a great business and reaping the longer-term benefits of their efforts.

We roll up our sleeves every day and advise clients

In an industry focused on maximizing profit by pushing deals to junior resources, GCG has a different approach. Saying our experienced resources will roll up their sleeves is more than just that. It is how we are structured and how we operate. When choosing an advisor, we believe it should be world-class, experienced bankers and not newly minted, junior professionals. While this is not the approach common among firms in our industry, we are happy to take the uncommon path as it drives superior outcomes for our clients and results in deep relationships that last long after a transaction is completed.

We are experienced, global professionals

The financial markets are complex and rapidly changing. Having advisors who possess deep experience, developed over decades of serving large and small clients across the globe, is a critical part of leading a client engagement. Anticipating and knowing how to manage transaction complexity is critical to success. We’ve built our firm around professionals who have a track record of proven results in this type of dynamic environment.

We have a long-term perspective

We chose the name of our firm based on our appreciation of the value of time. We believe that timing is critical to a successful transaction, which can mean going to market today or holding off in order to drive more value in the future. Our professionals have a thorough understanding of our client’s business, their objectives and the evolving state of the financial markets. Only when the time is right to extract premium results from a transaction will our professionals approach the market. We have a relentless drive to achieve the best outcome for our clients, which means we are careful about when we go to market and, once we do, our job is not done until every detail has been fully negotiated.


“The GCG team was instrumental in securing a strategic capital investment for our business to support our growth. They have been a true partner, providing strategic advice throughout our relationship, and have demonstrated the ability and determination to navigate through complex issues, in order to secure the best outcome for our company and its shareholders.”

Mark Davis, CEO, Signal Restoration Services

“Early on, I learned an effective outcome was tied to the quality of the process. GCG’s coaching manner with respect to business strategy, finance and the sale process generated significant monetary value during our deal. GCG’s team is the best around!”

David Ploucha, President and CEO of Control-Tec

“I commend the Greenwich Capital Group team for their expertise in engaging and leading our company through a much more extensive process than anticipated. Their team guided us through the planning, marketing, due diligence and negotiation process with great skill and talent to take us to a final deal that met our expectations and led to a great partnership.”

Jerry Abraham, S. Abraham and Sons, Inc., President