Ozempic: The Magic Injection

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Ozempic: The Magic Injection

The arrival and explosion of Ozempic in early 2023 as a Diabetes drug turned weight loss treatment, is no longer a novelty but more of a juggernaut in a growth industry, primarily supplied by Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. The only issues remaining are how much capital can be invested and how quickly it can be deployed to build the infrastructure/supply chain needed to reach a wider audience, potentially at a more affordable price. Directly competitive industries such as Weight Management have been devasted while related industries like Food Companies and QSR will eventually have to plan for major product line modifications.

Beyond weight loss, we are learning a lot more about the effect of GLP-1 on curbing a broader line of addictions – beyond food, including alcohol, social media, salt, sugar, and fat. As these initial anti-addiction results are further researched and investigated, we could see an expanded line of Ozempic products treating a wide variety of nuanced addictive habits. The economic impact of that treatment expansion could be massive and have a major ripple effect throughout many tangential but related industries (food, alcohol).

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