“When our clients require complex financial analysis and strategic transaction support, GCG is uniquely qualified to provide experienced professionals who are focused on meeting exacting standards.” - Brian Hock, Managing Director

Greenwich Consulting provides the following services to public companies, private equity funds and private companies:

Corporate Development/M&A Support – GCG recognizes that internal corporate development or M&A teams play an increasingly vital role in developing strategy, growth and M&A initiatives. While these internal teams often lead a transaction process, they might need external support for a portion or all of the transaction. GCG’s consulting professionals provide an execution-based team with significant experience in M&A, Valuation, Financial Modeling and Strategic Analysis. GCG provides this service in a customized manner to fit each client’s needs.

Detailed Financial Modeling – GCG’s professionals develop complex financial models to assist its clients through multifaceted decision-making processes and periods of change. Our team provides a hands-on approach to perform deep financial analyses to support organic growth initiatives, capital investments, strategic decisions, transactions and business valuations.

Business Unit Analysis – GCG can assist companies by analyzing specific business units or operating segments. Our consulting professionals will work with the company to help them better understand the performance of a business unit, specific financial performance metrics, as well as providing strategic guidance.

Post-Acquisition Financial Analysis/Synergy Analysis – Closing an acquisition is just step one in completing a successful transaction. Our professionals are skilled at analyzing the financial and operational position of the acquired company to help clients understand cost savings, synergy opportunities and other opportunities to enhance profitability. Supporting existing internal teams in their analysis of an acquired company can help accelerate the integration process as well as enhance the value of the combined business.

Performance Improvement – GCG works with clients to provide a detailed analysis of a business with a focus on enhancing the company’s financial performance. Companies may have inefficiencies that are not always apparent through common reporting approaches. Our consulting professionals can perform a detailed analysis of these businesses in order to find cost savings or other opportunities to enhance EBITDA.

Strategic Valuation/Fairness Opinions – GCG works with clients to understand the value of a business today and provide guidance as to how to enhance the valuation of the company into the future. If you are planning on operating the company as is or contemplating a future sale, GCG can provide a valuable resource to achieve higher valuations. Additionally, our team can focus on a segment-specific valuation of your business to determine which business units are lagging or outperforming the overall performance of the company.