Greenwich Capital Group seeks to provide an unparalleled client service experience through our proven process and focus on enhancing value. Our senior bankers work closely with business owners to understand their objectives and create customized solutions in order to drive results. Our senior investment banking team has significant experience in the following areas:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Private Company Sale Transactions
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Recapitalizations
  • Joint Ventures

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Financial Advisory

  • Complex Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Options Analysis
  • Board Advisory Services

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Capital Raising

  • Pre-Raise Strategy
  • Investor Targeting
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Transaction Execution

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Company Sale Transactions

The sale of a company or partnering with a financial sponsor is a milestone event, whether the owners are looking to exit the business entirely or finance its growth potential. Owners of middle-market companies face various challenges in preparing for a transaction. Greenwich Capital Group's senior investment banking team strives to help companies and their owners to realize their objectives for the business throughout the transaction process.

Corporate Divestitures

Greenwich Capital Group recognizes the complexity of divesting an integrated business entity. Successful corporate divestitures often demand pre-sale diligence, more extensive transaction preparation and anticipation for carve-out considerations. GCG’s divestiture process prepares corporate sellers to better understand their business and anticipate potential issues prior to a transaction in order to speed up the sales process and preserve value.


Greenwich Capital Group advises on acquisitions by providing clients with process discipline, due diligence and valuation. GCG’s investment banking team assists corporations with strategic targeting, execution, negotiation and structuring. Special situations may include management buyout transactions, in which our team will negotiate the transaction with shareholders, arrange financing and conduct due diligence on the acquisition target.

Leveraged Recapitalizations

Greenwich Capital Group advises business owners through a leveraged recapitalization as an alternative to an outright sale of the company. Companies use the leveraged recapitalization structure to partner with investors and allow shareholders to unlock the value in their business while continuing to retain a significant ownership interest.

Joint Ventures

Greenwich Capital Group advises clients through contractual and equity joint venture agreements and transactions.  These agreements and transactions may be complex with consideration for joint venture structure, management roles and responsibilities, dispute resolution and exit provisions. Our team will prepare companies looking to enter into joint ventures to provide for successful partnerships while protecting the interests of both parties.

Financial Advisory

Complex Financial Modeling

Greenwich Capital Group's senior transaction professionals develop complex financial models to assist companies through multifaceted decision-making processes and periods of change. Our team provides a hands-on approach to perform deep financial analyses to support organic growth initiatives, capital investments, transactions and business valuations.

Business Valuation

Greenwich Capital Group has deep experience in the valuation of privately-held businesses across various industry sectors and geographies. Our team provides extensive analysis of the business, evaluates the business sector and derives capital markets trends in order to advise our clients on the potential value of their business.

Strategic Options Analysis

Greenwich Capital Group will work with shareholders, management and corporate development teams in order to analyze the company’s strategic position in the marketplace, identify organic and inorganic growth opportunities and assess strategic alternatives.

Board Advisory Services

Greenwich Capital Group provides integrated strategic board advisory services to companies, aligning the interests and objectives of the management team, shareholders and the company.  We will take the time to understand the organizational complexity of a business and its stakeholders in order to advise on the strategic alternatives available to the company.

Capital Raising

Pre-Raise Strategy

Greenwich Capital Group provides its clients access to the capital markets, providing financing through a combination of debt and equity. Our professionals will set the strategy and bring deep industry relationships and experience to each transaction in order to drive an effective and efficient capital raise process.

Investor Targeting

Greenwich Capital Group understands both institutional and private investors' covenants and criteria, credit availability and total capital costs.  We will customize our market approach to the appropriate investor universe to achieve the objectives of all stakeholders.

Transaction Structuring

Greenwich Capital Group's broad transaction experience has provided us perspective on market returns expectations and transaction structures in support of a healthy balance sheet.  Our team will work alongside shareholders and the management team to support the ‘right’ capital structure to meet the desired objectives.

Transaction Execution

Greenwich Capital Group will employ a disciplined capital raise process, driven by timely and consistent milestones in order to minimize time spent in the market, create competitive tension and maximize value. We will bring credibility to the capital raise process and work diligently to a successful closing.